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About DID

The Diversity in Design (DID) Collaborative was initiated in June 2021 to foster systemic change by increasing diversity and improving conditions for Black creatives across the design industry. DID has come together with the understanding that impactful change requires a shared value set, a collaborative approach, and aligned action plans that are measurable and directed to outcomes of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field.

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Opportunities for Impact

DID creates an opportunity to collaborate, in part through collective actions including:

  • 01.Identifying and developing opportunities for collaboration to promote awareness and access for youth interested in design, empowering them to pursue design as a career path.
  • 02.Increasing opportunities for students interested in design to gain experience, make connections and thrive. Companies will support awareness-of and encouragement-to-pursue design education.
  • 03.Providing increased opportunities for emerging designers, from internships and mentorships to professional development.
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